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From the monthly archives: May 2017

An arcane reference for a bar, to be sure, being named for a fixed-point theorem. But Brouwer’s formulation does apply to, for example, stirring a cocktail or beer in a glass: when the liquid comes to rest, some point in…

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The Branch brings in fans with craft beer and chiles en nogada.

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A cocktail flavored with Crunch-Berries-infused milk is just part of the eclectic bill of fare.

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For five weeks, chef Brandi Key invites diners to travel the Tropic of Cancer.

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Ji pai doesn’t have much in common with the Tex-Mex dish, but you’ll love it all the same.

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Slaw or Salad?

Slaw or salad? We’ve had that discussion before (or I’ve had with myself). I’ve always thought of cabbage as a slaw or coleslaw before but on the other hand I always put some finely shredded red cabbage into salads to add more color. This salad will make a great side dish for any summer gathering.

I came across this salad at webpage when I was looking at her Lemon Chicken recipe I’ll be making in a couple of days. I’m not sure if I will use the coconut flour (I have it) or not. Recently […]

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Tortilla chips and salsa, chili con carne, and fajitas are now typical European bar food. Rare is the English pub that doesn’t serve “nachos.” The influence of Tex-Mex on world cuisine fascinates us here at Texas Eats. So when our correspondent, Julia Walsh, moved to Manchester, England in January 2017, we asked her to chronicle […]

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Chef Antoine Ware creates vegetarian fare with a purpose.

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The gelateria’s June flavor is inspired by chef Ryan Pera’s memories of Italy.

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With all the chicken places in the Houston area, whether they be chain, regional or local, some folks ask if we need another chicken place? My response is that if the chicken is really good–quality ingredients, sourced well, healthy free-range, prepared well and tastes fantastic, then yes we need another one of those kinds of chicken places, and thankfully, Krisp Bird & Batter on Richmond near Fountainview fits the bill nicely.  I’d been meaning to get over to visit. A hiccup in a parking situation at a venue moved me to not attend the event and instead stop by the restuarant thatis the brainchild of former Prohibition chef Ben McPherson.  When I dropped by on this day I found Brad either behind Krisp’s counter or in front of it, helping his staff handle the deluge of customers who clearly like the hash he is slinging!  And one of his biggest cheerleaders is fellow restaurateur Randy Hines of my faves, The Kolache Shoppe, who just happened to be there when I dropped in ordering lunch for his staff!  But first a little about Krisp from their website:

Ben MacPherson serves Randy Hines at Krisp

Krisp Bird & Batter started as an all love for everything chicken and the world we live in. We take a sustainable approach with only using pasture raised chicken from Crystal Ranch Farms. Our entire menu is handcrafted by our chefs with a focus on being fresh and local. We take great pride in our community with giving back as much as we can. All of our products we use are recyclable and ecofriendly. Our cooking oil is reused to produce clean energy. We proudly use no antibiotic and hormone free Crystal Ranch Farms chicken which is fed non-gmo feed. To keep it simple we can just say “our chicken tastes like chicken”. All of our buns are baked fresh daily and come from Kraftsman Bakery using King Arthur unbleached flour. All of our batters contain zero preservatives and also use unbleached flour. We make this strive in quality for the simple reason of everything tastes better when the food is grown and raised naturally.

Ben took some time to relate to me how they were processing the chicken differently–i.e. after plucking and cleaning, leaving it to hang dry rather than use the ice and brining method.  Part of this came from a notion of how chicken is processed in France.  This is an older method, but one that produces a hearty flavoured chicken with legit natural juices rather than a mass amount of water that is injected or absorbed in from the brining process.  So rather than a run of the mill chicken sandwich or a good tasting yet mass produced chicken sandwich, you get a chef driven fast food style chicken sandwich that packs extra flavour in each bite.

The menu is not complicated, but rather has several creative variations on chicken sandwiches that run from a Klassic (with slaw and pickles) to Korean (with spicy Kimchi) to a Klub (with bacon, lettuce and tomato).  I asked Ben for his recommendation and he touted the Southwest (Krispy Chicken on a potato bun though you can get wheat – Queso – Cilantro – Avocado – Jalapenos) with waffle fries.  As a fan of spicy Tex-Mex who was quite hungry, this was right up my alley.  A couple of things I noticed about the chicken filet was that it was a bit larger than the more well known Chicken Sandwich chain, the filet was denser, and a good deal meatier.  Goes to show how properly sourced and processed meat stands out from the usual that we have accepted as a herd in recent years.  One bite gave a crunchy substantial layer of batter that gave way to chicken which tasted like it did at local chicken joints in the 1970s to me, or somewhat like the natural chicken at Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts or Lucy’s in Austin.  The queso, the jalapenos, all held together in that soft potato bun really hit the spot, and no argument that the batter fried seasoned waffle fries are very tasty too!  I will definitely be back soon to try the Chicken & Waffle, but will take the slaw on the side!

Report Card for Krisp Bird & Batter:
     Waffle Fries: A 

Jalapeno Ranch and Shhh! Sauce

     Southwest Chicken Sandwich: A+
     Speed: A
     Friendliness: A+
     Dining Area: A+
     High End Chicken Joint: A

Overall Grade: Solid A 

Krisp Bird & Batter is located at:
5922 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77057

7 Days A Week
11 AM til 9 PM

Eat Happy, Y’all!!!

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