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010712 –

It’s been a while since I took to i10 and 71 to head to Austin, Texas for more random eats. This trip was with my good friend Mauricio and the places we’d attempt to tackle were Bacon, Quality Market Seafood, Uchi, and Foreign and Domestic Food and Drink. As we met up at Ambush Bar and Refuge at 9am, we departed early to get to Austin early. Normally we’d be heading in for some Snow’s BBQ or even attempt to get into that long line at Franklin BBQ but this time around was just about enjoying the cool 60 degree weather.

Our first stop was Bacon, listed on Eater Austin’s Heatmap of places to eat NOW, it was as eventful as bacon can get. We ordered the obvious favorite, Bacon Fries topped with sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, chives and sour cream. I couldn’t help but be unimpressed with the offering, while thin and crispy the overall dish left a lot to be desired. The cool weather chilled the cheddar cheese that should have been this melted masterpiece into a stiff and clumsy wanna be baked potato. The blue cheese waffle fries at Barnaby’s will keep its place in my heart as I continue my quest for amazing fries.

Since it was the second meal of the day, we decided to go with their breakfast options. Naturally, Chicken and Waffles w/ Brined and Buttermilk battered all natural chicken breast cutlets served on top of a malted vanilla waffle was our go to option with both of us substituting their Bacon waffle in instead. A single tasty chicken breast with a light crispy coating was pretty win, coupled with the light waffle with bacon bits scattered throughout, this version of chicken and waffles was pretty damn good, but far from able to save the poor fries.

3/5: Dublin Dr Pepper and a tasty bacon waffle make for a decent way to start the day.

Bacon Restaurant
900 W 10th St, Austin, TX
(512) 322-9777 ‎

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Moving along I presented Mauricio with options for our next destination, House Pizzeria and Quality Seafood Market. We were both along the same lines in terms of logical planning, we both just had waffles and didn’t want anymore dough in our systems. This meant a nice trip to Quality Seafood Market, a slow drive down 35 to Airport Boulevard and we were parked in a lot that took me back in time. Quaint place, seafood market on one side and a full restaurant with bar on the other. Saturday meant lobster specials for $20. I haven’t had any oysters this season, so I wanted to oysters. At $12 for the dozen it’s more than I’m used to paying at Captain Tom’s but worth the money. Adding in some Seafood Gumbo, Fried Oysters and some Bacon Wrapped Scallops and we were quite full. The oysters varied in size, but tasted fresh, same with the gumbo and fried oysters. I always get worried about fried oysters being gummy from being previously frozen, luckily these were quite fresh and the batter was pretty crispy. Well worth the price of admission.

3.5/5: fresh and “quality” seafood ftw.

Quality Seafood Market
5621 Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX
(512) 454-5828

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Following our first two lunches we headed to The Domain for some walking around and shopping prior to eating more. This is where I’d have photos of Uchi happy hour where we ordered Matcha Cure, Bonito Nigiri, The Pitchfork Roll and Foie Nigiri, but I ate it all too fast for my own mind to even think about taking photos. Do yourself a favor and go to Uchi and order Foie Nigiri. 4 Pieces. Do it. Now. Don’t be that couple seated next to me that gave me the face of disgust as I told them to order it. “Isn’t that Duck Liver?” YES, and it’s fucking glorious.

4/5: I love you Uchi

801 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX
(512) 916-4808


Following our 5pm rendezvous at Uchi, Mauricio and I met up Michael Gaspard and his Fiancee at Foreign and Domestic. Foreign and Domestic is my Austin institution, it is, for all purposes my go to place when I enter Austin airspace. If you were to ask me where to go drink, I’d say Second Bar and Kitchen and if you asked me where to eat dinner, I’d say Foreign and Domestic. I have not found a single dish I didn’t like, this has happened over numerous repeat visits, my friends go here just as much as I do, if they aren’t with me, then they go and tell me as its happening in front of them. Ned and Nathan pull out all the stops when we come, and we are better people by eating the food. They put the FUCK in FUCK YES. From the tried and true dry aged wagyu steak to the new beef tongue pastrami on their menu. Foreign and Domestic is the sole reason to return to Austin. I’m looking forward to the day Ned packs his bags and heads to Houston. Trust me, it’ll make your 2013 an epic one.

Foreign & Domestic Food & Drink
306 East 53rd Street, Austin, TX
(512) 459-1010

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