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$100 to sample endless cuisine and drinks from Houston’s finest culinary experts –  Not a bad price for the 50+ exquisite samplings you get at Taste of the Nation.  What’s even better is when 100% of that $100 is fighting childhood hunger in America.  Taste of the Nation, put on by Share Our Strength, is an event that spans almost 40 cities every spring and fall. Through its No Kid Hungry Campaign™, the goal is to end childhood hunger by 2015.    Based on today’s statistics (and this hurts my heart), that seems pretty aggressive.  However, we were completely moved at the support, sponsorship, and pledges that took place at the event. What’s even more great about this event is that about 70% of the proceeds stay completely LOCAL and benefit children right here in Houston.

Grocery Cart filled with groceries to feed hungry children Sample dish from Mark's

Upon arriving, Sysco provides these nifty plates and wine glass.  There is a slot on the corner of your plate where you can slide your wine glass stem into and let it easily rest, been to many functions and haven’t seen this yet. We first had our wine glass filled and then began to casually walk around, sip our wine, and take in the many booths that lined the halls and ballrooms of  the beautiful Houstonian Hotel. Overwhelming at first, everything looked incredibly delicious and we knew we just had to start at one end and make our way around.  Desert, from Crave, was the first booth as you enter the event – oh, why the hell not!

Crave cupcakes layered on platforms carving roast beef

We continued to wind around the room, trying all the offerings (well, me more than Stef), and socializing.  There were over 50 participating restaurants, but to name a few of the  highlights, there was food from Mark’s, Mockingbirb Bistro, Branch Water Tavern, Ousie’s Table, Jonathan’s The Rub and many more.

Around the center of the room were tables and tables of silent auction items – all were very inciting.  When you register you are given a personal bidding number and pager to bid with, it was hard not to go broke…

silent auction items at Taste of the Nation Lamb Sliders

It was a fun and rewarding evening.  I highly recommend looking into the 2012 event – or even the other city events happening around the nation.  Again, we were absolutely amazed at the amount of sponsors and participating restaurants.  You are left with a sense of pride for our city and the campaign as a whole – for this organization definitely has the upper hand on this battle.  I strongly recommend you view the Taste of the Nation Houston page so you can also witness the overwhelming support for a great cause.

Seared Tune Sliders Little tasty treats of beef with some other things that make it good in a cute little clear dish

Oh – and if you plan on going next year, mark your calendars because this was a sell out!

There is still a long way to go in this fight but there are plenty of ways to be involved.  Let’s ensure we leave no kid hungry in America.

-Adam & Stef

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UPDATE:  Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation® Houston Raised Over $130,000 To Help End Childhood Hunger in America

Post from Hungry in Houston
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