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As the end of August nears, a month filled endless choices of three to four course dining is almost over. For one Midtown restaurant, it's only just beginning.

Led by executive Chef Jonathan Jones (also chef and owner of Beaver's), El Xuco Xicana, formerly known as El Patio in Midtown, brings pretty good Mexican food back into Midtown. If you haven't visited or it's been a few months, El Xuco Xicana is giving diners a sample of its offerings during its own version of restaurant week.

Similar to restaurant weeks held throughout the country, El Xuco Xicana will serve a multi-course prix-fixe menu at an affordable price. A charity or organization won't be benefited but your palate and wallet will reap all the benefits.

The Midtown restaurant is offering a five course menu featuring a few of the restaurant's popular dishes. Among the selections are ceviche and camarone Eenchipotlada - a dish that consists of wild caught Gulf shrimp sauteed with roasted tomato chipotle sauce, cilantro, arroz MeXicano, corn tortillas, salad of jicama y pepino, lime for $18 alone. The menu offering include other items including dessert that are the chef's choice for $35.

The special menu is being offered to followers of El Xuco Xicana's Twitter account. Although the menu is currently being offered during dinner hours through Saturday, August 27th, be on the look out for a possible extension.

El Xuco Xicana
2416 Brazos
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 523-8181

Post from Cheap Eats In Houston
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