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Happy Fatz is a unique, eclectic menu spot in The Heights.  Good fare, friendly service.  Unique in its offerings — from fabulous hot dogs to savory cheesecakes to scrumptious cake balls, and lots of teas!

Happy Fatz

This casual eatery in The Heights is clean with a new interior.  Open kitchen.  Although the service was a tad slow, the food was really, really good. 

Happy Fatz also offers breakfast — from Challah French Toast to Breakfast Tacos.  They also make Italian Sodas and have lots and lots of teas from The Republic of Tea.   The little eatery also offers a great number of fabulous sounding savory cheesecakes with names like Olive Pesto and Smoked Salmon Gouda.  Oh, and Happy Fatz is BYOB if you want to bring in your own bottle of something. 

I ordered the Happy Fatz Dog ($7.00).  Tomato, onion, bacon, cheddar, dill pickle, yellow mustard on a sesame seed bun.  The portion was ginormous.  Huge 1/4 lb. Hebrew National dog.  Great beefy flavor.  Huge buns that were soft and dense.   The bacon was chopped up and the cheese was grated.  The tomatoes were extraordinarily fresh and the pickle was crisp.  This hot dog was amazing!  (It was not served on a sesame seed bun, but that’s okay  – still delish!).   I ordered the slaw as my side (other options were kettle chips or fruit).  The slaw was also magnificent — crisp, crunchy, cold, creamy.  Cabbage, red onions, parsley, mayo.  Very tasty.  An excellent side pairing with my hot dog. 

Happy Fatz Dog

My dining companion ordered the Texas Chili Dog ($8.00).  Homemade Shiner Bock Chili, onions, cheddar (grated), and Fritos.   This dog dish was also delightful.  Beefy 1/4 lb. hot dog with a thick, dense, soft bun.   The chili was savory, although it did contain black beans (not traditional Texas Chili).  This hot dog plate was substantial.   Most excellent.

Texas Chili Dog

Happy Fatz offers mini-cupcakes, cake balls, and some slices of huge delectable looking cakes.  For our final taste, we ordered a couple of sweet treats.    We tried the chocolate cake ball, a vanilla mini-cupcake, and a chocolate mini-cupcake.  All were good.  Big on flavor and high marks for dense, moist cakes.

Cake balls and Mini-Cupcakes

I liked Happy Fatz.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this little eclectic house, but left super happy!  I recommend it!

Happy Fatz
3510 White Oak Drive
Houston, Texas 77007

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