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It's hard not to miss the humongous and scaly armadillo with the glowing eyes when driving past Goode Company’s Armadillo Place on Kirby Drive. For the adventurous eaters, thoughts of armadillo stew may come to mind, but for the rest of us, we'd much rather settle for armadillo cake instead if given the option.

What if one of the city's most iconic fixtures, the Goode Co.'s armadillo affectionately known as Fred, was really transformed into cake? How cool and tasty would that be? Pretty darn cool and Goode Company agrees. They have commissioned Master Cake Artist, Lisa Green of Kiss the Cook Cakes, to construct a near life-size replica of armadillo completely made out of cake.

Using about 500 red velvet sheet cakes, 300 pounds of chocolate and vanilla, and other ingredients, the cake will be fully decorated with silver fondant for "scales”, life-sized longhorns, and red illuminated eyes. The hope is that this will be the largest red-cake ever.

The cake will be unveiled at Goode Company’s Armadillo Place on Halloween at 4 p.m. Will it look too good to eat? Yes, but you're encouraged to just that. Donate one or more canned food item for a free slice of red velvet cake after 5 p.m. Cans donated will benefit Houston Food Bank.

Monday, October 31
4 p.m.

Goode Company’s Armadillo Place
5015 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 526-9700

Photo credit: Made in Mississippi/Flickr

Post from Cheap Eats In Houston
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