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(Updated 8.27.11)

Who said happy hour has to be limited to cocktails and small plates of savory foods? No one and thank goodness for that!

For those who crave more than a strong cocktail or the latest iced-cold brew on tap, there's good news. If you're looking for a different kind of scene for happy hour, one where you will find that satisfying fix for your sweet tooth, your sugar-filled dreams have come true.

Coffee shops aren't strangers to happy hours, but for bakeries and cafes, those hours have found a new home in Houston, especially in Houston's Little Asia (aka New Chinatown).

As if you really needed another reason to count down until clock-out time, below are a sampling of places offering affordable sweet and happy hours for the dessert-loving person.

Yannick Cafe and Bakery, the more upscale sister bakery of Olympic Chinese Bakery a few blocks down, serves baked goods of both the sweet and savory varieties. Many of the offerings are under a $1 but its their tiny cakes, which are mini masterpieces and are the true bargain.

Visit any upscale European-style bakery, or visit Central Market or select H-E-B's and their detailed mini desserts are pricey. At Yannick Cafe and Bakery, those cakes are under $4 and paired with a cup of American coffee, an afternoon tea anytime of the day for just $5.

Happy hour at Yannick is available daily from open to close. It's highly recommended to have cash on hand.

Yannick Cafe and Bakery
9110 A Bellaire
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 773-2977

Cafe la Tea offers all the comforts and style of a coffee shop in Houston's trendy neighborhoods but it's serving coffee and more in the heart of Little Asia. Visit between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on any day for Cafe la Tea's dessert happy hour. Select any beverage plus dessert for $6.50. It's a bargain compared to the $4.50 mini artisan desserts alone plus coffees, coffee drinks, smoothies, and other beverages are on average $4.

Cafe la Tea
9102 Bellaire
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 988-3188

Got milk? Cafe Luz does and comes with shots of strawberry, chocolate, dulce de leche, Mexican vanilla, Mexican chocolate, and more during Cookie Happy Hour. Tuesday through Friday, Cafe Luz offers its own version of happy hour with a grown-up version of milk and cookies. Choose up to three freshly baked cookies, served with two shot glasses of milk with your choice of flavored Way Back When flavored milk shots from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Cafe Luz
907 Franklin
Houston, TX 77002
(281) 912-3589

Make your way into Downtown Houston's tunnel for an afternoon delight from the Soup Cowboy. Those sweet tooth cravings will be filled with Salted Gooey Caramel, Crackle Top Molasses, and Triple Chocolate Ganache cookies for $1.50 each. Pair the warm cookies with specially priced coffee beverages during the Soup Cowboy's Afternoon Break. Choose an espresso for $1.50, a macchiato for $1.75, or a cappuccino for $2 every Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Soup Cowboy
711 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 920-9137

Don't forget about All-Day Cake Happy Hour at Empire Cafe

Even if this Montrose cafe is out of your way, you'll want to make a special trip on Mondays. On any given day, slices of cake at Empire Cafe are nearly $6, however on each Monday, cake slices are half-priced all day. Choose from various cakes available such as the Berry White (a white cake layered with berry preserves and whipped cream icing, topped with whipped cream icing and white chocolate shavings), Royal Pineapple (a white cake layered with pineapple filling and whipped cream icing, topped with whipped cream icing and toasted coconut), Italian Cream Cake, and Strawberry Cake.

In addition to discounted cake slices, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., alcoholic beverages are $1 off and are served with a complimentary appetizer of the day. Regular happy hour is Monday through Friday.

Post from Cheap Eats In Houston
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