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It's been just under a month since Food Network host Alton Brown threatened to skip Houston and replace it with a trip to Mississippi on his book tour after a few less-than-welcoming tweets from local foodie star Misha Govshteyn. So surely Houstonians were on their best online behavior on Thursday when Alton tweeted "I love Texas" with a picture of a brisket sandwich and a Shiner from the original Goode Company Barbecue, right?

Of course not. This is Twitter we're talking about, after all.

Despite Brown's apparent satisfaction with his lunch and location (he also tweeted pictures of the bull head that guards the Goode Co. line and the sparkly armadillo across the street), it seems like you can't make everyone happy. Eating Our Words lodged its displeasure at his choice of Houston barbecue, J. C. Reid (who created the Houston Barbecue Project) lobbied for Thelma's and someone even offered to bring some Gatlin's to Brown's book signing at Barnes & Noble.

At least Govshteyn gamely recommended Brown order the duck.

Then there's Daniel Vaughn, who tweets as BBQSnob, who really put all these sentiments together, tweeting "Why does a man who knows so much about great BBQ settle for tourist-grade smoked meat so often?"

Is Goode Co. really so controversial, or is this just another silly food fight? Do celebs passing through — even Food Network celebs — need their every meal analyzed and optimized? Sure, you could argue that Thelma's has more character, or that Gatlin's makes better barbecue, but if Goode Co. is convenient, local, and good, why get mad?

Seems like Jody Stevens had it right, telling Brown "BBQ is one thing that gets ERR'BODY in a tizzy in this town."

Post from Food/Drink News Feed - CultureMap Houston
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