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4917 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 712-5700

New ramen digs, Kome has been making a splash in the Austin community. I was sad they only serve ramen for lunch and that hasn’t been working for my schedule. In celebration with the close of 2011 and the beginning of a new year, a couple of coworkers and I decided to treat ourselves to an off-site lunch at Kome. One of my coworkers is from Japan and tells me Kome is the closest thing to authentic Japanese sushi she’s experienced since living in Austin. Alas, we were only here for lunch so I only ordered the Miso Ramen. Sushi next time!

Miso Ramen, $8.50

Miso broth with pork and mustard greens. It was perfectly portioned and comforting for the chilly day. We all tucked into our entrees and muttered promises to each other between bites. “Let’s go here every time we grab lunch off-site.” “Yessss.”

Chirashi (assorted sushi over rice), $18

One of the coworkers ordered the chirashi. She was quite pleased with her treat. I was just impressed by the pretty stamped logo on her tofu.

Kome, great first impression. I’ll be eating you again soon. Dinner next time?

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Post from Girl Eats World
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