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Wot’s all this then?

So what’s all this hullaballoo about SOPA/PIPA today? Why are your favorite sites blacked out? Read a quick note from Google HERE or an excellent, full summary from the Congressional Research Service on the FAS website HERE.

And our friends at Fark can always be relied upon to take an unconventional angle. Be sure to watch the video.

No new content from me today, I remain silent. Not savvy enough to black out my whole site, I am nevertheless armbanded.


Amused by this diabeetus pic I made the other day? SOPA wasn’t. The background comes from The Wizard of Oz, and the images used are of Paula Deen and Wilford Brimley. Under SOPA, this image could be considered pirated. Wait, you might say, couldn’t one argue “fair use” of likenesses of public figures or intellectual property in the public domain? Perhaps, but SOPA doesn’t have to wait for those arguments or a decision from a judge; the site can be brought down at the first complaint, no questions asked. Congress is essentially presented with a bill codifying the “Shoot first, ask questions later” philosophy.

And nobody wants Han Solo deciding the internet’s fate. Wait, I mean Greedo.


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