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I love this place.  Outriggers is a little dive restaurant located in Seabrook, Texas…just across the water from Kemah.   Instead of taking the bridge to Kemah, you turn under the bridge and make your way down a little road to Outriggers.  And, nothing cheesy or touristy about this place.  An authentic, local spot with lots of charm and charisma.  The food is fine, nothing amazing.  But the view and character of Outriggers is perfect.  And, while we are able to enjoy this beautiful weather — get outside and get to Outriggers!

Front of Outriggers

Outriggers has inside and outside seating.  We, of course, sat outside and really enjoyed watching the boats come in and out.  And, if you are a boat owner, you can dock your boat right there as well.  Plenty of boat parking! 

View from our table – upstairs deck dining

So, on the food, again nothing James Beard Award winning, but definitely worth eating!   The menu, as would be expected – of course — is heavy on seafood, but there are plenty of non-seafood options as well. 

We started with the Popcorn Shrimp.  This shrimp was not overly breaded, so I could actually taste the shrimp.  Nice.


Popcorn Shrimp

Red Beans and Rice?  Heck Yeah!  Thick,  a kick of spice.  Full of sausage, celery, and peppers.  Tasty!  Very good for bar food.

Red Beans and Rice

Note:  The French Fries were very delicious!  Extra crispy.  Yummy fried sticks of potatoes.

The service was friendly and helpful.  The ambiance is exactly what I would want and expect in a water-side eatery.  I truly look forward to going back.  Outriggers is a gem that we have in the Gulf Coast.  Take advantage of it! 

101 Bath
Seabrook, Texas  77586

Post from Devour Houston
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