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011212 –

Last week I shot off some random tweets about steak in Houston. I’ve been used to going to Strip House for steak and more recently Foreign and Domestic in Austin for their 26oz Dry Aged Wagyu Ribeye for 2. After going to Foreign and Domestic last week with Michael Gaspard, he offered to throw down an all out assault on my senses and told me “you and your friends will need a wheelbarrow”. Little did I know, he wasn’t joking at all.

Our reservation was set for 8:15 on Thursday and we walked in right around that time and lingered a bit before being seated at our table. Menus were handed out and we all chose our steaks, I decided to go with the 22oz bone in ribeye. Not soon after we ordered our main entrees, the onslaught started. Bacon Wrapped Scallops were first to hit the table followed by Hot Smoked Salmon Rillettes and a fantastic Salmon, Tuna and Avocado in a Yuzu dressing. After the 8 of us destroyed these apps, I motioned over to Gaspard and told him a wheelbarrow wasn’t going to be necessary at this pace. I, of course, spoke entirely way too soon. A medallion of foie hit the table for each of us and I literally squealed like a little girl. I absolutely love foie, Uchi’s foie nigiri with quinoa was my favorite. The keyword here is *was*, the Pappas Bros version took the foie to an all new level. The puree balanced the foie’s intense flavor beautifully.

Then our steaks hit the table, a few of us went with the 22oz bone in ribeye, in celebration of CYRUS THURSDAYS he went with the bone in tomahawk wagyu from australia. Just beautiful, in house 60-90 day old dry aged beef. Before I was able to cut into the steak, the sides hit the table, mushrooms, greenbeans, truffle fries, au gratin potatoes, crab mac and cheese and onion rings. Then Gaspard dropped the bomb on us, what I called the foie gangbang. He dropped another medallion of foie on my ribeye, the fat from the foie dripped everywhere on my steak (I just got goosebumps thinking of that very moment). As we wrapped up eating the sides and our steaks, I had to loosen up the belt a notch in preparation for Gaspard’s finishing move, 5 desserts. Vanilla Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, Turtle Pie, Chocolate Mousse and a Red Velvet Cupcake. A few bites of the cheesecake and I had to throw out the white flag and surrender, I actually had to stand a few times for gravity and my digestive system to put in some work on my system.

I’ve found my new favorite steak place in Houston.

4/5: #foiegangbang

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse
5839 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX
(713) 780-7352

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Post from roflhouse
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