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DUMAS: Paula's Bar-B-Q
324 South Dumas Avenue
Dumas, TX 79029

Update: The owners sold the place just a few weeks after my visit. It is now a Mexican restaurant that also serves BBQ, but no ham. Paula's is now CLOSED.

2011: Real cowboys occupied the tables in this bright dining room, and looked on with curiosity at the guy snapping away with his fancy camera. The owners didn't seem to mind as they filled our order. After ordering a combo plate the man working the regsiter inquired about our plans and I told him that we were headed to Dalhart for the XIT Rodeo and barbecue. In a parental tone he reminded me that we'd have to wait until Saturday for the event. In a respectful tone, I reminded him that it was Saturday.

Crisp and fresh cole slaw, crisp fried okra and crunchy onion rings were all superb. Ham is not something I generally order. It was moist and very salty with little smoke. Brisket was very average. The gray meat was overly trimmed, a bit dry and needed smoke. Ribs had a bit more smoke, but tasted like they'd been stored for a while. The meat was tender and moist, and the flavor was helped with a dip into the sauce. Given the quality of the sides, I was hoping for more with the meat. Maybe it would have better at the lunch rush instead of mid afternoon, but it just wasn't great meat on this visit.

Rating **
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Post from Full Custom Gospel BBQ
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