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Yum.  Amazing.  Fabulous.  Divine.  Scrumptious.  Heavenly.   A plethora of  fantastic words describe the new Petite Sweets on West Alabama. 

Petite Sweets is physically full of clean lines and simple, yet perfected architecture.  Chrome mixed with white marble mixed with glass.  Cleanliness all around.  Dark wood floors contrasted with grays, blues, and whites.  Lovely atmosphere.  The service was mostly friendly as well.   The dessert options offered are, well, petite.  The glass cases feature many yummy choices from artisan French Macarons to mini cupcakes to whoopie pies to cake balls.  They also serve coffee drinks and frozen custard.  See, I told you…yum!

We tried several delectable things!  And, let me say from the get-go…not a single bad option was among our tastes.  Everything served at Petite Sweets was delish!  First up, the Peanut Butter – Chocolate Mini Cupcake — very peanut buttery frosting.  Moist cake.  Really good.  Very substantial.  Very Satisfying.  The Red Velvet mini cupcake — also moist and a nice, creamy cream cheese frosting.   Chocolate Cake Ball — Super Dense.  Very moist.  Yummy.  But, the Strawberry Cake Ball was Too Die For.  It was like strawberry ice cream in a cake ball.  It was heavenly.  It was divine.  It was amazing. 

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Mini Cupcake; Red Velvet Mini Cupcake, Chocolate Cake Ball; and Strawberry Cake Ball

Next Up:  The Whoopie Pie.  I liked it.   The cake parts were moist with subtle chocolate cake (similar the cake part of the peanut butter-chocolate mini cupcake).  The buttercream filling was VERY sweet — exactly what you expect from a Whoopie Pie.   It did not disappoint and a big bang for your buck when you a big, sweet fix.  I loved, loved, loved the Chocolate Chip Cookie.  The mini chips made the cookie perfect.  The cookie itself was moist and held together.  Buttery, but not overly so.  The mini chips were the most perfect addition — spreading the chocolate flavor through out.  So often, I bite into a chocolate chunk cookie, and I taste, hmmmm, well, chocolate.  That is good, but the mini-chips spread out the chocolate love throughout the tastings.  It was perfection at its best.

Whoopie Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookie

Last, and absolutely not least, The French Macarons.  Exisite.   Yes, yes indeed.  They were.  The Blueberry was just plain beautiful in the hue of blue it presented.  The flavor was a strong blueberry.  It was delicious.  The Peanut Butter Macaron also very peanut buttery.  I happen to love peanut butter, and  I really enjoyed this cookie’s flavor.  These macrons exhibit the very lightest, very nicest cookie I have ever tasted.  So fresh.  So light.  So heavenly.  So divine.   So on top of perfection.  I’m saving the Vanilla to describe last because it was — not exaggerating here – the best thing I have ever tasted.  Light cookie.  Light inside with a slight sweetness that only an angel can create.  This Vanilla Macaron was simply AMAZING.  I will go back to have more of these pure white wonders.

Peanut Butter Macaron, Vanilla Macaron, and Blueberry Macaron

I’m SO super happy that Petite Sweets has come to reside in Houston.  I look forward to a long and lasting relationship. 

Petite Sweets
2700 West Alabama
Houston, Texas  77098

Post from Devour Houston
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