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With Halloween only a day away, a "candy run" is probably high on your list of to-dos. While everyone loves a sweet treat (I’ve never met a Reese’s I didn’t like), there are some other ways to inject a dose of creativity into the generally predictable trick-or-treat routine.

Not to suck the fun right out of the ritual, but a recent GOOD article also opened my eyes to the questionable practices behind the production of many mainstream chocolate candies. It was reading that article, along with receiving a free set of Tattly’s special Halloween temporary tattoos in the mail, that fueled a brainstorm session for alternatives to traditional Halloween treats and activities.

Think about it: There is an inherent element of creative play in all things Halloween, and the act of going door-to-door is, at its essence, a community-building activity. With so much anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding parties, costumes and the treats themselves, there are plenty of opportunities to create fun and memorable experiences for you and your family that don’t necessarily involve exorbitant amounts of sugar.

Just glow with it

Dark streets filled with costume-clad kids aren't the ideal safety situations. Parents will be the ones thanking you if you hand out these double-duty treats and toys, which transform tykes into human night-lights.

Glowstick bracelets Halloween-themed glow-in-the-dark rubber duckies

Express yourself

Children will probably already be beaming with pride as they show off their chosen Halloween costumes Monday night, so why not take the opportunity to give them yet another fun means of artistic self-expression?

Mini Play-Doh cans Halloween-y temporary tattoos

Arts n’ bats

Get crafty with this kid-friendly DIY, which also happens to be a personal favorite. After you’ve toured the neighborhood with your kids (or yourself, no judgment here) have some fun with the trick-or-treaters who ring the doorbell in search of candy.

This simple recycled bat idea is not only remarkably easy to make, it does its part to keep Houston batty, too. Plus, it could be a fun bonding activity. Make a few of the bats, but don’t hand them out to just anyone. Set them aside and tell your kids/spouse/pet that the bats are your family’s “Halloween trophies”— to be awarded in a few (democratically agreed upon) categories: Most Creative, Most Time Consuming, Funniest, Most Adorable, etc.

We know, we know, it’s not a competition — everyone’s a winner… but not everyone gets a bat.

Good intentions

However, if you do find yourself with an excess of candy on your hands come Tuesday, there is a charitable way to unload those treats and keep the sugar crashes at bay. Check out these “Halloween Candy Buy Back” locations in the Houston area where you can exchange candy for $1 per pound (up to 5 pounds). The program donates all of the candy to Operation Gratitude, who then sends care packages to U.S. Military deployed in harm’s way.


Post from Food/Drink News Feed - CultureMap Houston
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