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I watched this little eatery be built, and built, and built…finally it opened.  And, I finally visited.  New construction inside.  Clean.  Not much decor, but Texas music playing.  Lone Star is served.   BBQ isn’t necessarily the cheap eats it used to be back in the day, and Stockyard Bar-B-Q reflects higher prices.  But, the good news is that Stockyard’s offers a great many choices in side dishes.  They also offer things like BBQ Nachos, pulled pork and chopped chicken.  You don’t always see these items on BBQ menus (especially in Texas). 

Stockyard Bar-B-Q Kitchen and Order Line

As I mentioned, Stockyard’s has BBQ Nachos on the menu ($8.99).  Hello!  Yumminess!  Two great things come together.  And, the nachos were really good.  The Brisket has a good smokey flavor to it.  Therefore, the queso cheese paired nicely with the smokey meat and crisp chips.  And most importantly, the cheese and meat met each chip so that I wasn’t left with a pile of dry, boring chips at the end.  Good proportion of chips, cheese, and meat (I opted for no jalapenos).  I really liked the nachos.

BBQ Nachos

So, the actual barbecue you ask?  The brisket was dry (Brisket: 1 pound = $11.99; 2 meat plate with 2 sides = $12.99).  I think if it was actually moist, it would have been delicious.  As mentioned earlier, the meat had a good smokey flavor.  It was lean and tender.  But just so dry.  Bummer.  The Potato Salad, um, yuck.  Not traditional — neither Texas Yellow Mustard or German Style Potato Salad.  I think Stockyard’s was made with Dijon mustard, but it completely missed the mark.  It was so not yummy.

Brisket and Potato Salad

The sausage.  Pork and beef sausage to be exact.  It was tasty.  This meat was actually moist.  And, tender.  It had a good flavor.  I liked it.  The BBQ sauce was a little on the sweet side, and could have used a little bit of kick.  But, it was okay.  The Western Beans were nice.  They were super spicy, and had a good base to them.

Pork and Beef Sausage

Houston is a tough town to make it in the BBQ biz.  One has to really, really have some  fabulous stuff to make it this BBQ town.   At Stockyard Bar-B-Q, the servers were extremely nice (there were very few folks in the eatery, so much attention was placed on us.  Can’t complain about that) and the food tried.  I will say half the food passed the BBQ test, and half did not. 

Stockyard Bar-B-Q
6504 Westheimier
Houston, Texas 77057

Post from Devour Houston
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