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I first visited Sugarbaby’s Cupcake Boutique about 3 years ago when it was still the new cupcake kid on the block.  It took me a few years to make it back.   I was pleasantly surprised on my recent return visit.  Really, though, how can you not like this place?  Any food establishment with PINK sidewalks and PINK walls is perfect for me!   The staff was friendly and helpful.   The air was cool.   The cupcakes sweet.  

The atmosphere is pure girlie-ness.  It’s fabulous.  Pink and black.  Chandeliers.  Black Toile wall paper in the party room.  Even the plates and glasses have the detail of black and white cute-ness.   Big open windows, black and white flooring, and plenty of seating for cupcake savoring (they also serve Dean & Deluca).   Sugarbaby’s a purely, blissfully happy place.

I started with the Ooh-Ahh Orange Cream  ($3.25) –  To quote Sugarbaby’s: “Like a creamsicle in a cupcake…orange essence cake with dreamy creamy orange vanilla buttercream frosting.”  That pretty much sums it up for me!  The cake was a touch dry (which is how I have found Sugarbaby’s in the past — dry cake), but a really nice orange flavor.  The orange buttercream was buttery with a nice punch of orange zest.  The orange flavor was not subtle, but not over the top either.   A VERY good balance.   A REALLY nice way to start my cupcake tasting.  I loved this cupcake.  A LOT.

Next, Charming Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream ($3.00) — “Rich dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.”  Disclaimer: my 6 year old daughter ordered this cupcake.  Can you tell?  With the blue icing?  And sprinkles!   I was worried the buttercream would be bitter due to the blue food coloring, but actually, the frosting wasn’t bitter at all.  Again, the cake was on the dry side, but the cupcake was way better than the average, standard chocolate cupcake with white icing.   A thumbs up from all tasting parties.

Ooh-Ahh Orange Cream and Charming Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream

Next in line: Charming Chocolate with Strawberry Buttercream ($3.00) –  ditto above cupcake but with strawberry buttercream.  The Strawberry Buttercream was like eating straweberry ice cream in a frosting form.  Yum.  Delish.  Heavenly.  Divine.   The chocolate cake flavor was a natural partner with strawberry icing.  The dark chocolate coupled with the sweeter strawberry frosting was another perfect duo.  I have to say that Sugarbaby’s has really mastered their buttercreams.  Creamy.  Rich.  Delectable.  And, their flavor additions of strawberry and orange nurture the perfect balance (they also serve a sweet pina colada buttercream, peanut butter buttercream, and blueberry cream cheese — hello yumminess!).   Their flavored frostings are a  real winning partnership. 

And, I saved the best for last to tempt you with:  the Dippity Doo-Dah ($3.25): — “Chocolate cake filled and topped with vanilla buttercream, then dipped in rich dark chocolate.”  See, I told you!  The description is yummy all by itself!  This cake did not disappoint.   The buttercream was sweet, but contrasted nicely with the chocolate cake.  The cupcake reminded me of a chocolate covered marshmallow Easter Egg.   Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!   Very sweet, but very yummy.  The cake was super moist with the addition of all the buttercream filling (like a ding dong — but way better). 

Charming Chocolate with Strawberry Buttercream and Dippity Doo-Dah

 Sugarbaby’s, I think you just get better with age.  As a matter of fact, the place is so stinkin’ cute and the cupcake “Sugar Chic Line” so delectable,  I think I’m going to have my next birthday party there.   Nope, I’m not kidding!    Sugarbaby’s makes me that happy!

Sugarbaby’s Cupcake Boutique
3310 S. Shepherd
Houston, Texas 77098

And, just one last, bonus picture because I think Sugarbaby’s is so super cute!

Post from Devour Houston
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