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Rumors swirled of the popular Bravo series, Top Chef, being filmed in major cities through Texas for weeks this summer. Once confirmed, excitement turned into disappointment when news of the bayou city's participation wasn't to be.

What do you do when life gives you lemons and a snub? Make lemonade and make the most out of it, of course.

Although Bravo's upcoming season of Top Chef in the Lone Star State won't include Houston in its line-up, the city is still receiving its just desserts thanks in part to two local pastry chefs.

Rebecca Masson, affectionately known as the Sugar Hooker, and Tiny Boxwood's Vanarin Kuch are competing on this season's Top Chef's spin-off, Top Chef Just Desserts. The two's appearance on the show shines a huge spotlight on Houston's underrated dessert scene and highlight the great culinary talents found right here in our fine city.

In honor of the debut of Top Chef Just Desserts last year, bakeries all over the country hosted dessert giveaways. This year, spawned by the hometown connections to the show, one local cafe is celebrating Chef Masson and Chef Kuch in a fun and sweet way.

Downtown Houston's newly open Cafe Luz, is giving Houstonians the opportunity to let their voices be heard and pleasing their sweet tooth at the same time. Root for both local chefs on Twitter during the season, and let Cafe Luz and the rest of Twitterverse know whether you're #TeamFlufferNutter(Rebecca Masson) or #TeamChocChip (Vanarin Kuch).

Votes will be rewarded with a free freshly baked cookie from local bakeries, The Little Baker and Bread n Batter. Team FlufferNutter will receive a peanut butter cookie in honor of Masson's popular, FlufferNutter, while Team ChocChip will be given a chocolate chip cookie.

No matter if you're Team FlufferNutter or Team ChocChip, they're both winners in their own rights. Both chefs are making Houston proud and sweeter with each dessert they create.

Follow Cafe Luz on Twitter at @CafeLuzHouston to cast your vote. Be sure to reply to Cafe Luz and use the hashtags #TeamFlufferNutter or #TeamChocChip.

Cafe Luz
907 Franklin
Houston, TX 77002
(281) 912-3589

Post from Cheap Eats In Houston
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