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Hmmmmm….Sweet AND Salty, then throw in the word” bakery,” and we are talking!  Sweet & Salty, located in Katy, is a small bakery that offers sweets , and other saltier carbs – such as sandwiches. 

The eatery isn’t detailed enough in its interior design for me to describe it in too many specific thoughts.  It was pretty generic and not much pizzazz or really much of anything.   But, the staff behind the counter was friendly and helpful.

Inside Sweet & Salty

The menu included artisan breads, soft bread sandwiches (such as turkey, cheese & mayo; diced olives, egg, cheese, & mayo; and ham, artichokes & mayo), empanadas, and Italian pizzas.   I didn’t try any of the “salty” items, but they looked really delish.  What I did try were some “sweet” items — and if the salty were as tasty the sweet, well, YUM!

The Sweet items ranged from cakes and cannolis to eclairs and scones to cookies and cupcakes.  I started with the Chocolate Coupled Cookie ($1.89).  This “cookie” was more than just a cookie.  It was totally different than any other cookie I have ever eaten.  Two crunchy, subtle chocolate cookies with caramel sandwiched in the middle — all dipped in chocolate.  This little delicious morsel was very satisfying without being super sweet.

Caramel Coupled Puff Cookie, Chocolate Cupcake, and Chocolate Coupled Cookie

Next, I tried the Chocolate Coupled Cookie’s cousin: the Caramel Coupled Puff Cookie ($1.89).  This other coupled creation was completely different than the coupled cookie.  First, instead of cookies, it was, yes, puff pastries.  Three pastry layers with two layers of caramel — all dipped in white chocolate.  This caramel was ooey-ier, gooey-ier, and thicker than the previous cookie’s caramel center.  The more of this puff cookie I ate, the more I loved it.  I devoured it.  It was THAT good.  It was sweeter than the chocolate coupled cookie, and pretty messy to eat with the layers of pastry, caramel, and chocolate coating.  But all well worth the trouble to enjoy this little guy.

Finally, I tried the Chocolate Cupcake ($3.00).  It looked chocolaty, fudgy and yummy.  The icing was all of those things — and sprinkled with chocolate chips for added yumminess and crunch.  The cake was a tad dry (which is such a common complaint of mine — are my expectations too high?  Why is it so hard for cupcake bakers to make a super moist cupcake?).  While the cake part was pretty standard, it did pair well with the fudgy frosting. 

I enjoyed visiting Sweet & Salty, and recommend it to any folks living in Katy or traveling through there (although off the beaten path if you are traveling through via I-10 or the Grand Parkway). 

Sweet & Salty Gourmet Bakery
22764 Westheimer Parkway, Suite 670
Katy, Texas 77450

Post from Devour Houston
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