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Let me say this:  I loved the new The Bird and The Bear.  Elouise Adams Jones opened her newest concept a couple of months ago on Westheimer, near Kirby (right next to Chuy’s).  The atmosphere was fabulous, the service was very, very good, and the food was yummy, too!  

The Bird and The Bear

I was struck by the wonderful ambiance of The Bird and The Bear — Black walls, dark flooring, white tablecloths and white chairs, red banquettes.  Great contrasts!  Exposed duct work and ceiling (painted dark), with crystal chandeliers, chairs and tables dripping from the exposed duct work.   A long, tall wine wall, painted black, with a red ladder popping out with color.  Open kitchen.   The big dining room was full of wonderful visual candy.  Elegant.  Sophisticated.  Fun.  A grown up, more urban sister to Ouisie’s Table.

The Bird and The Bear — Wine Wall behind with red ladder and crystal chandeliers

The food was pretty good, too!!  The menu was diverse and eclectic.  Deep and expansive.  Great variety from Moroccan Beef Tajine to Fried Oysters.  The Tuna Tartar ($9.00) with Sweet Potato Chips.  “Wow.”  Subtle spiciness.

Tuna Tartar

Sauteed Escargot ($10.00) with warm toasted garlic bread for pushing and dipping elegantly (quote from menu — I love Ouisie’s sense of humor).   Not traditional escargot, but lots of yummy garlic.  Strong citrus flavor.  The bread was light, delicate, and crispy.

Sauteed Escargot

Veal Liver and Grilled Onions ($21.00).  Served with mashed potatoes, green beans, and pan bacon gravy.  Yes, my dining companion ordered this.  But, let me assure you cynics — it was very good.  The meat was very tender.  The dish was traditional.  The beans were cooked perfectly al dente,  the mashed potatoes were homemade lumpy, and the pan bacon gravy paired with the sweeter grilled onions giving way for the perfect sweet and salty dish. 

Veal Liver & Grilled Onions

For my entree, I ordered the Vegetable Paella ($18.00), sauteed assorted vegetables over saffron rice and English Peas.  The vegetables were cooked very well — still containing a crunch to them, from the Englih Peas to the Red Bell Pepper.  Other veggies present were mushrooms, tomato, and, green bell pepper.  Perfectly strong saffron flavor in the rice.  And, a big portion, which made for some great leftovers!

Vegetable Paella

While I enjoyed my dinner a great deal at The Bird and The Bear, not everything was perfect, the Vuelve a la Vida ($7.00) — shrimp, octopus, and scallops mixed with spicy white cocktail sauce was way too tomato-y.  And, the shrimp in the Gulf Coast Seafood Gumbo ($6 cup) tasted like they might have been frozen.  But by in large, the meal was a great experience. 

We ended with the Lemon Meringue ($7.00) for dessert.   Lemon Tart with raspberries, topped with 7 minute meringue inside a graham cracker crust.  I liked the meringue a lot.  Maybe not the best lemon tart I have ever consumed, but a nice refreshing and satisfying way to end the meal.

Lemon Meringue

I did like The Bird and The Bear.  And, I look forward to going back!

The Bird and The Bear
2810 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77098
713.528.BIRD (Phone)

Post from Devour Houston
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