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Yummy!  The Brisket House, that is.  Yummmmmm-yyy!  I’ve passed The Brisket House many times, but sandwiched in a strip center off Woodway and Augusta, I never thought much about it.  Until….a good friend and fellow Aggie told me about how great it was.  Then, I learned that the owner of The Brisket House used to run Tom’s Barbeque in College Station.  For you Aggies, you know what I’m talking about!  The butcher paper with meat, cheese, pickles, and bread piled on.  Delish.  And, memories galore.  Indeed, The Brisket House serves the fixin’s on butcher paper and has The Aggie Special as well, just renamed The Brisket House Special. 

Before you t-sips get upset that this is an Aggie establishment, let this be the time to embrace diversity!  As a matter of fact, I saw another friend there who hails from Oklahoma, so the customer base is broad.   The BBQ is THAT good.

The Brisket House is a simple venue.  Wooden floors, windows on one side, carving of the BBQ done front and center.  It’s all done correctly.   And, let me mention the delicious aroma emanting from down the sidewalk.  Hello Love!

The Brisket House

So, how was the food?  I ordered the BBQ Sandwich ($5.75 + side = $7.50) — chopped beef with mustard potato salad.   I was so NOT disappointed.  This was a heavenly sandwich.  The meat was a tad fatty.  I’m normally a lean-kind-of-girl, but I’m going with the old adage that “fat gives the meat great flavor” – because indeed the flavor was scrumptious.  Tender.  Smokey.   Oh, and the bun.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  The Bun.  Perfectly toasted with savory buttery goodness on the inside.  Perfect.  This sandwich truly melted in my mouth.  The potato salad was pretty tasty, too.  Creamy.  A touch of sweetness from the relish.  Potatoes cooked perfectly al dente.   A very satisfied customer!

Chopped Beef Sandwich

My dining companion ordered the Three Meat Plate ($11.50).  I was a touch disappointed he didn’t go for The Brisket House Special so I could relive my Aggie Days with BBQ on butcher paper, but I moved on quickly — especially after I tasted his Pork Ribs!   Tender.  Moist.  More smokey flavor.   Very delectable.   The brisket was as yummy as in my sandwich.  And, the House Sausage wasn’t half bad either.  The sausage is actually made by Slovacek in Snook, Texas.  Snook makes everything good from Sausage to Kolaches — good Czech love in there!  The beans were spicy!  A real kick.  Also, a smokey essence in the beans as well. 

Three Meat Plate

I am a believer, and I am a lover.  I am SO going back to The Brisket House.

The Brisket House
5775 Woodway (at Augusta)
Houston, Texas 77057

Post from Devour Houston
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