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4 out of 5 Stars

1916 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 521-2027

My lazy Sunday morning was interrupted by a text demanding the best bloody mary in Houston.

30 minutes later, Neil K. and I arrived at Raven Grill, the restaurant that boasts this accolade.

I had not visited this American meets Southwest bistro in several years and completely forgot how sweet it is. If Pottery Barn and West Elm got together and had a restaurant baby, this would be it...weird analogy...but hopefully you get that this place is understated chic and 100% soothing.

We were seated in a small booth immediately and reviewed the short but smart and affordable brunch menu. It had eggs benedict for the egg fanatics, french toast for the carb fanatics, and breakfast enchiladas for the tex mex fanatics, among a few other dishes.

As I nibbled on the delicious cranberry nut bread at the table, I settled on the MARGHERITA GRILLED CHEESE off the lunch side of the menu, while Neil obviously went for the breakfast enchilada.

Enter Bloody Mary.

Our morning beverages were clearly lacking in vodka, so while they were indeed refreshing, the title of "Houston's Best" is a wee bit presumptuous.

Then came our brunch orders. Hello, best grilled cheese ever! My Margherita grilled cheese was filled with ooey - gooey mozzarella, tomato, and garlic heaven pesto on beautifully grilled sourdough. The burnt cheese that leaked through to the other side of the bread only contributed to the excellent texture and flavor of this meal. The waiter claimed it's all he ate the first three months working at Raven and I don't blame him.

Neil was just as enthusiastic about his southwest breakfast enchiladas filled with grilled chicken inside of a corn tortilla topped with a delectable fried egg.

The only real fail for both of our meals was the side of green chili cheese grits. Being a cheese grits enthusiast, I was indeed pleased with my first forkful - cheap lust. Then came the second and the final third bite which put an end to our initial spark. It just didn't work for either of us and the spice had nothing to do with it.

Hey, Raven Grill - don't worry about it. With both of our meals coming in below $10 each and $5 drinks, you are still a winner to me in the brunch department.

Bottom Line - You'll already be impressed with it's understated beauty and charm, and then you get the meal and the bill and you too will fall in love.

Post from FullFrontalFoodie
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