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Two Saints is a little neighborhood restaurant tucked away in a shopping center in Memorial.  The owner also owns The Vine Wine Room also tucked in the same shopping center.   The restaurant is quiet and small.  Warm colors paint the walls, and the kitchen is very open to the little dining room.  The place is quaint, dotted with character.  The service was very personal, friendly, and pleasant.

Dining Room at Two Saints

We started with two appetizers.  First: Truffled Onion Rings – Sweet Texas Onions served with black truffle aioli and grated truffled baby pecorino cheese ($10.00).  The onion rings were very tasty.  Super fresh and hot!  Onions cooked perfectly al dante.  Crispy, nice crust.  The aioli had a great, specific flavor, very creamy as well.

Truffled Onion Rings

The Two Saints Crab Cakes — crab cakes infused with piquillo pepper, and served with a citrus aioli ($14.00).  The crab cakes were cooked perfectly.  The piquillo pepper added a sweet, subtle taste to the crab.  The aioli had a definite citrus flavor, but not too sweet or too citrus-y.  Flavorful.

Two Saints Crab Cakes

For my main entree, I ordered the Pan Seared Chicken, which the menu exclaimed was “The Best Chicken You’ve Ever Tasted.”  Served with with sauteed spinach, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and sage pan gravy ($19.00).  The chicken was good.  Tender for certain.  The best chicken I have ever tasted?  Maybe not so much.  The flavor was flat.  I wanted some seasoning.   The spinach was cooked perfectly.  The mashed potatoes were the great homemade kind with chunks of potatoes inside the yummy, perfect thick creaminess.  Very good plate, but not the best ever.

Pan Seared Chicken

My dining companion ordered the Beef Stroganoff – tender beef in a delectable sauce tossed with wide noodles ($22.00).    This was a great comfort food plate.  The beef was tender, but yet a little dry.  The gravy was more of an au jus, not the creamy sauce I am accustomed to with Beef Stroganoff.   And, there were tons and tons of mushrooms.  But, the plate was substantial and hearty.  The green beans served on the side were full of garlic and very yummy.

Beef Stroganoff

Finally, our sweet finale — Creme Brulee  ($7.00).  A thick creamy custard with a nice crunchy crust on top.  Maybe a little too blow torched as it was a touch bitter.  But, a very nice ending to our meal.  The creamy and the crunchy contrast = sweet love!

Creme Brulee

While our meal at Two Saints was good, the dinner was just that — good.  Not exceptional.  Not much Energy.  Not a lot of culinary innovation or risks taken, but the place is full of comfort and old school style.  And, sometimes that is just what you want.

Two Saints Restaurant
12460 Memorial Drive
Houston, Texas 77024

Post from Devour Houston
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