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020212 –

Well I’m back at Uchi on their first day open and the reservations worked out perfectly and we were seated on time and everything moved smoothly. Dale, our waiter made sure we were taken care of.

Here’s what we ate..

Hama Chili: Baby Yellowtail, Ponzu, Thai Chili, Orange Supreme
Uchiviche: Salmon, Striped Bass, Tomato, Bell Pepper, Garlic, Cilantro
Brussels Sprouts: Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Lemon Chili
Machi Cure: Smoked Baby Yellowtail, Yucca Crisp, Marcona Almond, Asian Pear, Garlic Brittle
Yokai Berry: Atlantic Salmon, Dinosaur Kale, Asian Pear, Yuzu
Uchi Salad: Hydroponic Baby Romaine, Edamame Jalapeno
Edamame: Soybeans, Sea Salt
Ebi Tempura: Tiger Shrimp
Roasted Golden Beets: Skyr Yogurt, Bitter Greens, Acacia Honey
Pork Jowl: Brussels Sprout Kimchee, Romaine, Preserved Lemon Crème Fraiche
Sake Kama: Pickled Cucumber, Lemon Miso, Bonito, Negi
Brie Ringo: Tempura Fried Brie, Apple Chutney, Sweet Potato Crisp
Jar Jar Duck: Countryside Farms Duck, Kumquat, Endive, Rosemary Smoke
Bacon Tataki: Pork Belly, Black Lime, Coriander, Citrus, Espresso Fish Caramel
Dewbee Chicken: Short Grain Sweet Rice, Banana Leaf, Thai Chili Vinegar

avocado: yuzu kosho
nasu: japanese eggplant, lemon miso
sake: fresh atlantic salmon
wagyu: torch-seared beef
sake toro: salmon belly, ikura
madai: japanese sea bream
foie: seared foie gras٠quinoa

pitchfork: wagyu beef, leek crisp, avocado, yuzu kosho
ham & eggs: katsu pork belly, yolk custard, espelette

peanut butter semifreddo apple-miso sorbet
fried milk: chocolate milk, toasted milk, iced milk sherbet
lime cremeaux: chocolate croquant, thai chili meringue, cocoa, vanilla lime gel, kefir lime sorbet
lemon gelato: pistachios, white balsamic

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