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I like the idea of Vida Sexy Tex-Mex.  In Houston, you have to really be amazing in the Tex-Mex arena to make it here.   We have fabulous authentic, real-deal, old and new Mexican restaurants.  From the newer El Real (which is super old-school, traditional), Escalante’s and Guadalajara, to the old-timers like Molina’s, El Patio, and Ninfa’s.  We are spoiled with great variety!  Yet, we do not have a “grown ups only” Tex-Mex location.  Until now.  That said, I like the idea of Vida.   Vida is the sister location of Austin’s Vivo Tex-Mex.  (Side note: sorry about the quality of my pictures — I used my iphone). 

Inside Vida Tex-Mex

Darkness fills the inside — dark hues of red and purple, much black, no natural light.  Dark comedy as well with naughty, weird paintings on the wall.   No Tejano or mariachis here — much more on the alternative music side.  And, Kourtney and Kim take New York was on the TV.  This is not your neighborhood, kid-friendly Tex-Mex.  Which is a great change and option.  However, the food and service left me flat and feeling not so sexy. 

Bar at Vida, complete with Kourtney and Kim take New York

The chips were good.  I liked them.  Light and crispy.  They seemed a little more multi-grain than corn, and I liked them a lot!  The salsa was okay; served warm, and I do like that, too.  I ordered the Shredded Chicken Wrap ($9.00) — lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, and mango salsa.  It actually came warm, which took me by surprise.  The chicken was good, tender, fresh, and moist, but could have used some seasoning, some simple salt and pepper would have been a nice addition.  The wrap was pretty small.  No side, except for the mango salsa served on the side.  The mango salsa had zero pop or flavor.  Where’s the spice?  The flavor?  The wrap was better without it. 

Shredded Chicken Wrap

My dining companion ordered the Cheese Enchiladas ($9.00).   They were particularly tiny little things.  Not much flavor, which we found to be a reoccurring theme as the rice and charro beans were extremely bland as well.  The rice was downright, um, icky (that is a technical term).   

Chicken Enchiladas

I left Vida not only disappointed, but completely UNsatisfied.  While I was no longer hungry (I ate so many of the darn chips), the food left me feeling like my meal didn’t really count.  I still yearned for something yummy.  Oh well.  Win some.  Lose some.

Vida Tex-Mex
4224 San Felipe
Houston, Texas 77027

Post from Devour Houston
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