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Uncle Tex and I are both fond of some of the catalog of songs of Abbott, Texas native and fellow Cannabis activist Willie Nelson.  And in the immortal words on his song, Uncle Tex and I were “On the road again!  Just can’t wait to get on the rode again!  My life my love is…”  in our case, enjoying great food and great craft beer with family, and old, and new friends!  During the trip to Austin/Lakeway area not too long ago, there had to be a Craft Brewery stop.  And if I’d had my drothers, there would have been more than one!  However, as this was a family trip and the kiddos were more interested in going swimming at the Hamilton Preserve Pool, hoofing it around UT and the state capitol grounds, et al, we had to make our Brewery Trip a solo one that was close to where we were staying.  Thankfully, Austin has no shortage of craft breweries that were within 20 klicks (kilometres) of where we were staying  in Lakeway, with the closest being practically in the backyard of the resort.  With a name that fits Willie Nelson and Uncle Tex, Infamous Brewing was a short drive up a Ranch Road around the corner!

A little background per their website: “Beer is one of life’s great equalizers; people from any walk of life can appreciate a cold beer at the end of a day, good or bad. It connects people who might never otherwise have had the chance to meet.” -ZP  “We create our beers because we like to drink them, and we believe our beers should be enjoyed the way we enjoy them-with friends and family for any occasion, big or small.”  And I might also add, even a craft beer lover as big as yours truly, or as small as the ol’ Green Drunken Pork Chop known as Uncle Tex!  (He’s giving me a narrow eyed look as I am typing this… only kidding Tex… you need to lighten up… here, have a beer!

By now, y’all know the drill:  We come in; we peruse the beer list; we get a flight (for new readers  or newbies to craft beer: an order of anywhere from 4 to 8 three-ish ounce tasters of a medley of beers); we buy a souvenir pint glass and a pint of whatever was our favourite.  As far as the brewery goes, it reminds me a little bit of Brash’s Biker Bar feel, with interesting artwork made from reclaimed materials (note the wooden shipping crate supports/spacers on the walls) combined with a nice garden patio you’d expect to see in a nice Heights area café.  (Note to readers from outside the Houston area:  I’m using Houston frames of reference as they are my main reader base!).  There was a food truck that pulled up that day and there was live music on the patio as well.  Hey, it’s Austin ya know!

From upper left clockwise: Sex A Peel, Camacho,
Sweep the Leg, Bugsy’s Fire Brush, Party Juice, & IPA

I had been fortunate enough to have some Infamous Beers (HiJack Cream Ale) before at one of our local Liberty Kitchen locations.   They regularly stock one or two of Infamous’s beers!  On this particular day we tried six different beers that ran the full  spectrum.
Sex A Peel: a Sour Heffeweizen that works so well on a hot day! Grade: A-
Camacho: a Sour Stout Beer that tastes like  Terry Crews hauled it around during the fermenting process: Grade: A
Sweep the Leg:  The first peanut butter stout I’ve had–very rich, malty, a hint of peanut butter!  Billy Zabka gave my tastebuds a hard kick! Grade: A
Bugsy’s Fire Brush: A bold Amber with nice hints of grain and malt, with a bit of a hop bite in the aftertaste!  Grade: A+
Party Juice: A very mild pale ale that I’d recommend as an entry craft beer for newbies to craft beer who have been drinking a mass produced adjunct light beer the past few years.  Not for fans of bold craft beer, but still better than the Big 3 Adjunct beers.  Grade: B
IPA: Short name, but long on flavour.  More copper coloured than some IPAs, but at 75 IBUs you  get enough hopes, pine and resin to affirm it is a real IPA, it is good on a hot day, and brings out the heat in Tex Mex grub!  Grade: A++

After the nice tasting flight, we  bought our pint glass and filled it with Sweep the Leg.  As a fan of Winter Stout and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, this was a great dessert beer and one of my two favourites from this visit.  Uncle Tex and I sat outside on a bench, listened to the cover band hit a few Willie Nelson songs, a couple of tunes from Journey, Foreigner and Loverboy, and we chewed the fat with a couple of the staff.  They were quite bemused with Tex, who then began to spin his yarn about what should be done to Adjunct Beers, working as an Oil Roustabout and on Alaskan Fishing boats, tales of his Ranch in LaGrange and his two knuckleheaded nephews (who were chilling in the hotel room with the Fat Pig back at the resort!).  They were happy to have visitors from Houston and indicated their love of Saint Arnold’s, B-52 and Buffalo Bayou Brewing.  As the day wound down, I was ready for dinner at Lucy’s on the Lake (Fried Chicken!) and we bid our goodbyes!

Infamous Brewing is located
in the Lakeway area of Austin at:

4602 Weletka Dr
Austin, TX 78734

Tap Room Hours:
W-F 5-9 PM
Sat 1-9 PM
Sun 1-5 PM

Drink Craft Beer, Y’all!!! 
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